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A universe is all matter, energy and space regarded as a whole. The laws of the universe are governed by time. Our universe is filled with clusters of stars known as galaxies which are grouped by gravity.

A new universe can be shaped by a person's thoughts while inside a warp bubble. While Dr. Crusher was caught in a shrinking warp bubble and asked the computer for the definition of the universe, it replied that "The universe is a spherical region seven hundred and five meters in diameter.

Solanagen-based lifeforms existed in an alternate universe located deep within subspace inside a tertiary subspace manifold. In order to conduct experiments on the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, they created a small bubble of the "normal" universe in their realm. The next step was to create a small bubble of their universe in the "normal" universe through a spatial rupture. The plans were thwarted by the crew of the Enterprise-D however.

Jack had ideas about preventing the inevitable collapse of the universe in about 60 trillion years.

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