Sector 001

The United Federation Starfleet (UFS) was a roleplaying and fan club within virtual world of Second Life. The UFS organization once ran a sim called Sector 001 and engaged in events weekly and sometimes even daily.

The UFS evolved from SL STARFLEET and was founded by Michael Vermoesen (Admiral Mike Calhoun). The goal of the group was to create a Star Trek within Second Life, however it very quickly dissolved into a place for high exhibiting of megalomania, and a heaven for narcissists.

The UFS was located at Sector001, until the sim owner stopped supporting the group due to a copybotting scandal. The UFS command was flawed and they had scared off all their builders, desperate they stole from every other Star Trek group in SL, in an attempt to compete with other sims. The area had included futuristic condo housing, a sandbox, two space stations (Tranquility and Athena), an officer's lounge, a shopping mall, a beach, parkland and other facilities and areas, which is all gone now.

UFS settingEdit

The UFS Memorial

The UFS Memorial

For a more detailed timeline see UFS timeline on the UFS wiki.

Following Shinzon of Remus' coup and then death in 2379 the Romulan Star Empire was left in disarray. The Federation began to provide material and humanitarian aide to the devastated empire and attempted to aid in the creation of a new government. Starfleet starships routinely patrolled Romulan space out of tactical necessity. During one of these patrols near Khitomer a wormhole to the Delta Quadrant was discovered.

The wormhole was found to have a stable exit point in Delta Quadrant, but the entrance could appear anywhere within a 20,000 light year radius. A study of the wormhole allowed for Starfleet to predict where and when the wormhole would appear. However, they also discovered that as time progressed the opportunities for them to use the wormhole to travel to the Delta Quadrant would decrease and any base in the Delta Quadrant would not be able to rely on support from the Alpha Quadrant.

The Pinastri system, some 63,000 light years from Earth, was identified as the perfect location for a colony, expanding the Federation's influence into the Delta Quadrant. It was in a region close to the ruins of the Borg Unicomplex and thanks to the return of the USS Voyager Starfleet Command had access to detailed sensor logs of the area. It was also centrally located close to several key regional political powers.

On the 12th of January 2381, the Federation Council approved the creation of the colony. The first wave left through the wormhole in March. An escorted group of colony ships packed with scientists, engineers and Marines under the command of Admiral Brice Campbell journeyed through the wormhole and made the journey to Pinastri to begin building a colony. Two months later the second wave left the Alpha Quadrant under the command of Admiral Mike Calhoun. The two waves built a colony in Pinastri, making it the Federations first colony within the Delta Quadrant and the setting for UFS.

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