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The United Earth Oceans Organization (commonly known as the UEO) was a multinational scientific, humanitarian and political organization formed on Earth in the early 21st century, after the world was nearly plunged into nuclear war in 2017. In addition to its undersea stations and colonies, the UEO operated a fleet of submarine vessels, known as the UEO Navy, as well as the UEO Marines. From its inception in 2018 through the 2040s, the UEO was involved in several major undersea conflicts, notably the Macronesian Conflict, eventually precipitating Earth's Third World War.

The UEO was originally headquartered in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and later in the city of New Cape Quest, Florida. The original membership of the UEO included the United States of America, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, as well as alliances of smaller nations with an undersea presence like the Amazonian Confederation and the Mediterranean Alliance. The organization worked hand-in-hand with the New United Nations, though both groups ultimately failed in their goal of establishing a lasting world peace.

In addition to its dubiously-effective military role as a peacekeeping force, the UEO was known for its scientific studies of Earth's oceans, as well as other, more esoteric pursuits. The UEO took over the administration of Dagger Island, a research facility and prison colony for GELFs created during the "dark age of genetics" that followed the Eugenics Wars.

Influential members of the UEO during its history included Nathan Bridger, Kristin Westphalen, Lucas Wolenczak, Oliver Hudson, Jonathan Ford and Timothy O'Neil.

When the United Earth government was finally established in the early 22nd century, the UEO became its naval and martime branch, continuing to administer Earth's undersea endeavors and maintaining the safety of Earth's oceans. After the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, the UEO would work alongside the Federation Naval Patrol, in the same way the United Earth Space Probe Agency continued to play a supplementary role in Starfleet's efforts in space.

Background and referencesEdit

The UEO was created for the TV series seaQuest DSV, and its history has been adapted numerous times in Star Trek fan fiction and RPGs to give a richer background to the 21st century.

The history in this article is compiled from the following Star Trek-based sources:

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