Captain Ualla Thall was a Starfleet officer, ex-wife of Sileon Thall and mother of Milami Thall.

Her name is pronounced "ooh-ALL-ah THALL".


Leaving Bolarus IXEdit

Sometime after Milami's birth in 2348, Commander Ualla Thall retired her Starfleet commission and left Bolarus IX with her husband Sileon, their children, and Sileon's followers and their families (the Bolian Isolationists) to form a new colony as Sileon and his followers were unhappy with the cultural contamination Bolian society was undergoing due to its closer ties with the Federation (see the Bolian Isolationist Movement).

The journey to an ideal planet took years.

New BolarusEdit

Sometime before Milami turned 10, Sileon Thall found New Bolarus, a planet well beyond the Typhon Expanse and Myhr'an space. The Bolians settled there and lived in the traditional Bolian way.

By this time, Ualla and her husband had seven children in total.

But she was not happy. After a few hard years on New Bolarus, she and Sileon split, with Ualla, Milami, two of her male children and one of her other female children opting to return to the Federation. The other children stayed on New Bolarus with their father.

Starfleet careerEdit

Once back in the Federation, Ualla Thall rejoined Starfleet. One mission she undertook upon a starship she served on (and Milami was a civilian on) stopped at Vulcan to treat an outbreak of Rigelian fever.

By 2372, Ualla Thall held the rank of captain.

Children who returnedEdit

Two of Ualla's children, Jacell and Milami, went on to become Starfleet officers like her.

The two other children who returned with her, Be'Lyn and Huatana, became a chef in Vienna on Earth and a fashion designer on Bolarus IX respectively.




Ualla Thall has seven children:


Ualla Thall has four known grandchildren:

Exact dates of Ualla's departure from Bolarus IX, arrival to and departure from New Bolarus, and return to the Federation are not known; however, it is known that the journey from the Federation to New Bolarus took years at warp speeds.

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