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Lieutenant U K'inich Akul Pakal is a human (a Native American of Mayan K'iche' and Nahuatl origin) officer onboard al-Qazwini, he is the Warrant and Non Commissioned Officer of the ship.

He is originally a planetologist by diplom, even his parents were biologist and geologist specialized on terraforming, he lived in his youth together with them in different experimental ecosystems. He received his Starfleet education as a scientist specialised on terraforming, and made research of his own until his middle 40 years. Then he got bored of mere natural phenomena, so he moved instead to command track, and got a job at administrating and managing terraforming projects. In this activity he met some old acquaintances now working for the Maquis, and because of his sympathies for the cause, he agreed to work for them secretly as a high ranking bureaucrat turned informant in the government of the Federation.

He was not a successful spy, or not a lucky one, so in the end a Starfleet Intelligence inner research found him, he got court martialed, and was sent to the Penal Settlement on New Zealand. And then the Dominion War broke out. Starfleet had the plan to recruit some criminals for special commandos (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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