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USS/RSE Winter Hawk is a Defiant-class/Battle Bay-class fighter carrier. She is made up of a modified Defiant-class escort mounted on top of a Romulan produced Battle Bay. Together the vessel is a fighter carrier with the Defiant component acting as a bridge. Both vessels can separate and operate independently. Her crew is made up of both Federation and Romulan personnel. (D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine)



On her many missions, the Winter Hawk has fought in the Dominion War.


Support craftEdit

Because of the modifications, the Federation component of the Winter Hawk has no Hanger Bay. It only has the standard Life Boats. The Romulan Battle Bay component has the usual complement of various shuttle craft and two wings of fighters. One wing made up of a Federation design and the other made up of the Romulan Predator-class, model III. All officers assigned to the Winter Hawk regardless of their duties are required to qualify as pilot in either or both of the fighter classes.

Crew ManifestEdit

Other Vessels in the ClassEdit

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