The USS Winchester (NCC-68169) was a Federation Akira-class heavy cruiser in service during the late 24th century.


Winchester emerged from Spacedock in September 2377 and was assigned to the 10th Cruiser wing of the Fifth Fleet in patrolling the Badlands area. Bernie Tyler was the first choice for command of the Winchester. He accepted and requested Sonya Fiehrer as his Executive officer and his girlfriend Roslyn as his chief engineer. (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

In January of 2378, Winchester was temporarily captured by a group of Jem'Hadar, presumably under the command of Khan. The forces boarded Winchester after Captain Tyler dropped shields in preparation for boarding their Jem'Hadar fighter. (USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day")


All Crew members were assigned to Winchester in September 2377 (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

Fighters and Auxiliary CraftEdit

NCC-77000-class fightersEdit

The unnamed fighter design was unveiled in USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses"
It is presumed the initial batch of the new fighter class was assigned to Winchester in sequence. The three fighters listed here, as well as the assigned pilots, are either stated or inferred in USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day"

Danube-class RunaboutEdit

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