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USS Washington is a Star Trek RPG that is played by Nova, an Anodyne product. She was officially launched in October 2010 originally as part of Andromeda Fleet, but is quickly becoming one of the most active and entertaining simms in Pegasus Fleet.


Washington is set around 10 years after the Dominion War and the return of the USS Voyager. Her patrol area is the Galactic south, near the Tholians, Gorn, and Klingons. Her missions consist of the three main areas: combat, exploration, and diplomacy.


The Washington was completed in Utopia Planitia and placed under the command of Commander Aishel Enor. From there, she was sent to the Federation/Romulan border, working out the kinks along the way. LtJG Pamela Roth and GSgt Bo Manning found the problem with the ship's computer system and fixed it quite easily.

In the mission Transphasic Trouble, a Federation Councillor wanted to create a new way to defeat the Borg, since the blueprints for Voyager's torpedo was lost. Built aboard the ship in cooperation with the Romulans and Klingons, the torpedo was a source of interest for all three powers. However, the Councillor, Amabo, was serving more than one master. The Nemesis told Amabo to get it done. In an effort to show him the light, he had a spy placed onboard who hid a corrosive acid explosion in his sonic shower. When it went off, Councillor Amabo refused to work with USS Washington personnel to find the culprit. Stealing the finished torpedo, he took a shuttle and headed to a ship as it decloaked. The Washington opened fire on the shuttle, blowing it up.

In the continuing mission Shoreleave at 14, the crew took some much needed shoreleave and rest at Starbase 14 in orbit of the colony Auron. LtJG T'Stala was introduced to amusement parks by one of her nurses, Ensign Jackson. Lt Deke Franklin and Cmdr Aishel Enor got to know one another's interests on the shore of the main colony and on the back of a motorcycle.

In the next installment, Trading Insults, the crew begins negotiations between Klarg, RocIa, Tav tr'Dethildae and other businessmen. Klarg is attacked in the lounge. All the ships but RocIa's are attacked. Someone is trying to disrupt the conference, but for what purpose? Eventually the other ship is disabled and is boarded. Rogue Klingons that infiltrated both Houses are detained in the brig, where they kill themselves.

Now, the Washington is heading for repairs at Starbase 14 in the mission Rest and Repair.

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