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USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A) was a Vivace-class starship under the command of Captain Chakotay. (Star Trek: Voyager (RPG))

With the USS Voyager decommissioned, a Vivace class was christened Voyager to take part in further Federation exploration missions to the Delta Quadrant. At the request of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Captain Chakotay was given command.

By 2409 the USS Voyager was mothballed and eventually put back into service to fight in the Shakarian War.


  • Commanding Officer: Chakotay
  • Executive Officer: Asa Fermandell
  • Chief Helm Officer: Blake
  • Chief Engineer: Solian Jarso Brex
  • Assistant Chief Engineer: Charles Tucker
  • Computer Core Technician: Talia M'rees
  • Engineer: Liam White
  • Engineer: Serena
  • Chief Operations Officer: Antonio Kallas
  • Chief Security Officer: Rhys Delta
  • Assistant Chief Security Officer: Derek Wildstar
  • Security: Michael Collins
  • Chief Medical Officer: Adria Thomas (Deceased)
  • Chief Science officer: Jim Hornby
  • Science: James Kelts

Past CrewEdit

  • Commander Jason Archer: Currently CO of Starbase Atlantis
  • Commander Jessica Bennit (Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Gregory House (Resigned)
  • Lieutenant Kaialin (Deceased)
  • Ka'leb Zyan Skigara: Ex-CE of USS Voyager. (Ambassador to The UFP)
  • Lieutenant Jantrix Smith (Deceased)

Star Trek: Reliant Edit

After the original USS Voyager was decommissioned, the sovereign class USS-Voyager-A was christened.


  • Commanding Officer: Edward Johnson
  • Executive Officer: Lo'Vock
  • Chief Helm Officer: Alvne Teval
  • Chief Engineer: George Thompson
  • Assistant Chief Engineer: Koreel
  • Computer Core Technician: Vorik

  • Chief Operations Officer: Meeres
  • Chief Security Officer: Varell

  • Chief Medical Officer: Asanah Zel
  • Chief Science officer: Galev

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