The USS Vitality (NCC-95238-F) served the Federation in a time when it was dwindling in size. In fact, the Vitality was one of many ships decommissioned due to lack of supplies needed to keep all starships in the fleet operational. (Star Trek: 001)


Over the course of two decades, the Vitality would have to withdraw from the increasing borders of the Alliance.

The Vitality responded to distress calls from the revived world Omicron Theta. While there, Rune Sith was ambushed by Breen soldiers, but saved by Zeta. (Rune Sith's biography)

An innocent planet called Valakis was under siege by the Alliance. When the USS Vitality was there, they did all they could to try to stop them and save as many people on the planet as possible. Alliance ships would hover closely to Valakis' main city, Thavili City, to make their presence felt and forced people out of their homes. Their goal was to enslave the humans of Valakis.

In an attempt by Lieutenant Sith, in Starfleet fighters, they attacked the Alliance ship, but in doing so, allowed the ship to crash-land into the city below.

The Vitality was decommissioned years later due to lack of support by the Federation and Starfleet. Many ships of the fleet were decommissioned in 2753.

In a terrorist attack on Utopia Planitia, many ships, including the Vitality, were destroyed. ("Red Sand, Dark Tide")

Command crewEdit

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