The USS Valhalla was an Odyssey-class Federation starship in the early 25th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2410, the Valhalla took part in the Iconian War. Soon after, the ship and crew were sent on a mission to investigate an unstable star in the Lukari system. After several attacks by the Tholians, Cid assisted in the creation of the Tox Uthat, used to save the Lukari star. ("Sunrise")

When the planet G'arto Prime was under threat after a black hole torpedo was fired at its sun by an Infamous clone, the Valhalla was called on by Oroku Seifer to help save as many people there as possible. The Valhalla set course for the planet to take on the mission. (Earth Spacedock: Page 24)

The Valhalla returned to Earth Spacedock with G'arto survivors. While there, Doctor Melzine, a passenger aboard the ship, detected an injured Captain Elric in Spacedock's Gravity Control room, and transported him over onto the Valhalla in order to save him. Cid hailed Admiral Nat Wallace from the Bridge and reported the rescue. The Valhalla would later plan to drop off its survivors, Doctor Melzine and Elric, assist in Spacedock repairs and return to its deep space missions. (Pages 73-74)

In 2411, the Valhalla assisted New Romulus and a fleet of Klingons when the planet was threatened by Iconians. (New Romulus)

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