The USS Ticonderoga (NCC-18861-A) was a Defiant-class Escort that served as a secondary flagship for Admiral Jeffery Higdon, Commander of Starbase Rockford. Its First officer of record is Lieutenant Commander K'Jo'Q, of the Cha'ouw Empire. Since its operational commander is Admiral Higdon, the Ticonderoga is equipped with the new Type X phase cloak, allowed when the Cha'ouw government negotiated an special amendment to the Treaty of Algeron with the Romulan Empire during the Dominion War to "allow any starship, vessel or space craft listed under the operational command of Khon of the Special Cha'ouwian Imperial House K'HIg'Den, to be equipped with cloaking device/devices supplied by the Cha'ouw".

The Ticonderoga-A arrived sometime after the USS Black Hawk. However the Ticonderoga-A was mainly used in operations in support of Cha'ouw Imperial interests.

The Ticonderoga-A was recalled briefly by Starfleet to assist in repelling of an invasion by the Voth.

The Ticonderoga-A was transferred to Federation Legion control, replacing the original Ticonderoga and the cloaking devices were removed. (Star Trek: Black Hawk)

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