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USS Sovereign is a Star Trek fan fiction series written by Parker Gabriel. It follows the exploits of the crew of the USS Sovereign.


  • The Rescue Of Christopher Thomas Robinson
    • In which Christopher Thomas Robinson is rescued from suspended animation and joins the crew of the Sovereign.
  • The Survival Of All Of One
    • Detailing how the Borg drone One Of Fourteen survives his de-assimilation and joins the crew.
  • Court-Martial: Star Fleet Versus Robinson
    • The aftermath of a failed first-contact mission--and the end of an Andorian noble's quest for revenge.
  • Alas, Poor FrioDraca!
    • A combat mission which brings Telsek K'Mar aboard--and in which FrioDraca is "killed."
  • Is There ANOTHER Doctor On Deck?
    • Rescuing a colony endangers Christopher Thomas Robinson's life, restores a doctor's confidence, and leaves SickBay in new hands.
  • Nibble, Nibble, Tail And Tribble
    • Gault's food supply is imperiled, and a hybrid grain bought from Ferenginarians is its best hope--unless tribbles eat it all first.
  • The Dragon Is Dead--Long Live The Dragon!
    • What DID happen to FrioDraca? Christopher Thomas Robinson jeopardizes his career to find out.

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