The USS Skyfox (NCC-19030) was an Excelsior-class Starfleet starship in service during the 24th century.

Captain Sarah Tellening has been the commanding officer of the USS Skyfox since the 2368. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "The Teacher")

In the late-2360s and the 2370s the Skyfox was assigned to the Ninth Fleet and saw some action during the Dominion War. Admiral Christopher Truman requested the Skyfox's transfer to the Third Fleet in late 2382. ("Torment and Woe")

From 2370 to 2372, Benjamin Kelsoe served as the executive officer of the Skyfox. ("The Teacher")

In 2382, the Skyfox was the flagship of the Federation expedition force to Minark and subsequently participated in the Battle of Minark. ("Torment and Woe")

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