Vanguard class

The USS Skyfall

The USS Skyfall (NCC-93007) was a Vanguard-class Federation star cruiser in service during the early 25th century. She was launched circa 2416, under the command of Captain Tristan Sinclair. (Star Trek: Sons of Liberty: "For I Dipt Into the Future...")

Her early missions included assisting the colonization efforts on New Romulus, mapping the B'Tran Cluster, repelling incursions by the Hirogen and the Mirror universe, and an investigation into a possible Iconian resurgence.

Later, the Skyfall was part of the Federation's diplomatic task force to Defera, and defended the Deferi from Breen invasion. While en route back to Federation space, it was revealed that one of the ship's crew, Emmaline Flagstad was a Changeling infiltrator.

After only about a year in service, the Skyfall was nearly destroyed in a battle with rogue Borg elements near Defera. The crew was forced to abandon ship, and the hulk of the Skyfall was eventually towed to a Federation outpost. When last seen, Starfleet Command was debating whether or not to refit Skyfall or decommission her for scrap.

In the wake of Skyfall's loss, Captain Sinclair and much of his surviving crew transferred to the Odyssey-class USS Ulysses.

Crew ManifestEdit

Skyfall bridge

The senior crew of the USS Skyfall on the bridge

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