The USS Shiloh, NCC-74693-A, Prometheus-class Starship, also called the Shiloh-A, served as a secondary flagship to the Commander of Starbase Rockford, Admiral Jeffery Higdon. The Shiloh-A was named for the Intrepid-class Starship USS Shiloh (NCC-74683), which was destroyed in 2375 on its way to the TransWarp test facilities after that ship's recent upgrade.

The Shiloh-A was constructed at Starbase Rockford Drydock 8-SF-14 and was overseen by Captain of Engineering Robert Baker, who was in the dual role of Chief Engineer of the USS Black Hawk (NCC-75004) during the construction.

The Shiloh-A is unique since surviving sections of the mainframe of the previous Shiloh were incorporated into the structure by smelting into the mainframe of her successor during pre-construction.

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