The USS Shark (NCC-64332) was a Nova-class Federation starship in the late 24th century commanded by Captain Jet, a skeptical and arrogant officer who had somewhat of an inkling on the truth of the Phoenix-X. On several occasions, Jet used the Shark in his efforts to exploit the Phoenix-X. The Shark was part of Task Force Zeta, attached to Starbase 78. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Loyalties, Part I", "Mosquito", "Spider Agencies, Part I", "Into Harshness")

Command crewEdit

Ships commissionedEdit

Background informationEdit

  • The screen shot used for the USS Shark was taken from Star Trek Online, where player ship registries aren't allowed to be lower than NCC-90000, therefore the registry is shown as NCC-94332 in the image.

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