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The USS Sarek (NCC-72075) is a Galaxy-class starship launched in 2370 under the command of Captain Kalin Kale, with the mission to explore the recently opened Gamma Quadrant of the galaxy. It was recalled to the Alpha Quadrant when hostilities started against the Klingon Empire in 2372. (Star Trek: Sarek)

The Sarek was part of the Galaxy Wing of the Second Fleet during Operation Return, the battle to re-take Deep Space Nine from the control of Dominion/Cardassian forces. During the battle the Sarek was badly damaged. The starship was towed to a drydock at the Antares Shipyards, where a major refit began, upgrading the ship's weapons and propulsion systems, which would have re-classified the vessel as a battleship. When the Dominion War ended in 2375, work on the incomplete Sarek was ceased and the vessel remained decommissioned in drydock until 2377, when work was finally completed and the starship was re-launched.

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