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The USS Rommel was a Defiant-class escort. It was lead vessel of the 96th Tactical Wing during the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Laughing Sawfish)


The Rommel was built as part of Starfleet's preparations for war following the discovery of the Dominion. Assigned to Captain Raheesh Nazar, it was initially a part of the Seventh Fleet's 61st Tactical Wing. During the Battle of Tyra, Vice Admiral Richard Monroe ordered a retreat and only the 61st and 90th Tactical Wings survived. They were combined into the new 96th Tactical Wing and assigned to the Second Fleet. The Rommel and her wing fought with distinction at the Kotanka Line and later took part in Operation Return.

Command staffEdit


In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.- Erwin Rommel, 1937.

Background informationEdit

  • The ship was named for legendary German general Erwin Rommel. The registry is a homage to the year Rommel was born.

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