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The USS Rockford was a Baton Rouge Class Starship that was declared LOST by Starfleet in 2238 after it disappeared as it was exploring the Dosiania Parasec. The Rockford and it's crew was actually captured by a pirate race in a pocket of space that emerges every so often where they prey on shipping. This pocket of space has a slower time intervals, so when it was encountered in 2374 by the USS Shiloh, the crew was still alive.

The Shiloh was able to easily defeat the pirates and recover both the Rockford and it's crew, along with a captured Vulcan starship from 2155. Both ships were towed to Troubadour Station after the Shiloh set up warning buoys around the area.

The Rockford was under the command of Captain James Lonergan, who was revealed to be a direct ancestor of Shiloh First officer, Commander Karen Higdon. (Star Trek: Black Hawk)

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