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USS Rahman (NCC-514) was a Saladin-class destroyer on active duty in Starfleet during at least the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Ship was redesignated NCC-574 prior to construction upon recovery of the missing USS Kelvin, which was uprated to a Saladin-class variant and designated USS Kelvin (NCC-514). (Starship Saladin)

In One Possible Timeline the Rahman was Given the Registry NCC-584 when the USS Kelvin (NCC-514) Was Recovered. and the USS Hercules (NCC-584) was then assigned the number NCC-626 As a Hermes class Starship.


Changing the number of the USS Rahman was necessary because the number was superseded by the latest film for use on the USS Kelvin. Making the number NCC-574 makes it a simple matter of fixing only one number in the printed documentation if one so desires and not losing the ship entirely. Rahman will appear in "Starship Saladin" in an upcoming episode.

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