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The USS Prometheus (NCC-71201) was a Nebula-class starship in service in the 24th century. In 2370 it was under the command of Lieutenant Commander Piersall.

The Prometheus was scheduled to be either decommissioned or recommissioned under a new name in 2364 to allow the new USS Prometheus to enter service under that name without a great deal of fan fare. However with the re-emergence of the Romulans and first contact with the Borg Starfleet Command left the Prometheus in service while the Prometheus-class underwent a re-design. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

In 2370, the Prometheus was assigned to assist Professor Gideon Seyetik in his project to re-ignite the dead star Epsilon 119. (DS9: "Second Sight")

By 2374 the Prometheus was either recommissioned under a new name or decommissioned to allow the Prometheus-class prototype to enter service.

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