The USS Poseidon, registry NCC-120, was the inaugural Poseidon-class starship operating in the mid-to-late 22nd century.

Specifications / detailsEdit

"She's designed for a mission of pure exploration. This ship will be taking her crew to the farthest reaches of space... farther than anyone from any Planet in the Federation has gone before. She'll come into contact with new races, new worlds, and see things that are beyond our wildest dreams."
— Admiral Ed Straker

The USS Poseidon, as stated by then-Starfleet Chief of Staff Ed Straker, was meant for the most comprehensive mission of exploration since the days of the Enterprise NX-01. It had 12 decks, is capable of reaching Warp 6 and had the most advanced Science Labs of any ship from any Federation world.

On the offensive front, the ship was equipped with the latest developments in weapons, hull plating, sensors, and tractor beams. The weapons included multi-phasic lasers, which was the immediate predecessor to Phaser technology. It was also the first class of starship that was capable of employing the photon torpedo, the immediate successor to the photonic torpedo.

Developed throughout the early 2160s, the Poseidon-class was considered the next step up from the Daedalus-class, as well as the peak of technology for the brand new Federation.


Starfleet originally had named their new creation the Zenith-class. The Federation Council overruled the name, as they wanted to honor the achievements and crew of what was considered, "one of the most important ships that have ever served in Starfleet." The starship Poseidon, NCC-07. Even fulfilling one of his life's passions of teaching History at Starfleet Academy, Ian Peters took command of this brand new vessel to head a new generation of exploration for Starfleet. (RPG: Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

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