USS Pathfinder (NCC-2121) was an uprated Federation-class dreadnought on active duty in Starfleet from 2286 to 2295.

Pathfinder primarily served as the heavy weapons platform for BatRon Eleven, a five-ship (later seven) squadron assigned to grey and black ops against unusual and extraordinary Threat forces. Her secondary duty was advanced technology assessment; the ship's prototype projects included dilithium variants, extreme-variable-geometry spaceplanes, and Artificial Intelligence research.[1]

Captain Valev Nibor commanded Pathfinder at her launch in 2286.[2] One year later, he took a staff position, turning command over to Captain Ebon D'Arque.[3] Commander Llandhe t'Rielri served as First Officer and Security Chief, and Commander Grin'elle Kriet held the positions of Engineering Chief and Second Officer.

One source asserts that Pathfinder's commanding officer in 2288 was Captain Chris Atkins. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Operations Log — USS Avenger)

Other starships in the BatRon included USS Heimdal (NCC-1793), USS Yeager (NCC-1893), USS John B. McKay (NCC-653) and USS Maat (NCC-1794).

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