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History of the OberthEdit

The USS Oberth (NCC-630) was constructed subsequent to the Hermes-class Scouts as a Survey Class Science Vessel. This ship was later refit and re-designated NCC-602 during a Starfleet-wide registry re-designation. The original ship to bear that number, the USS Aries, was destroyed in the line of duty. As the Oberth was almost completely rebuilt from the keel up, the Oberth NCC-602 is considered a new build, and first of the Oberth-class.

Fan Film InformationEdit

Author's notes: I created this ship in an attempt to avoid de-canonization of the Hermes-class. NCC-602 is a conjectural number for Oberth, as it was never seen on screen, but it would supersede the USS Aries which was published in 1975. Hermes-class has been seen in canon reference in the Star Trek films. The above explanation is intended to make it easier for all references to remain intact and still work together so that everyone's interpretations can coexist. The ship as seen above will appear in two episodes of Starship Saladin.

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