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NCC-8008, U.S.S. Northchandra. Federation Assault Frigate, Constructed Stardate 9714 at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars, Sol System. The U.S.S. Northchandra, the first ship of the class. Was constructed to replace the aging and not entirely successful Chandley class frigate. It was also used to test a new photon torpedo guidance system after an incident with an assault force destroyed an assault transport carrying marines during a penal colony uprising. The system developed by then Lt. Commander Kevin Jumper, who was serving as 1st officer aboard the U.S.S. Prine, a Miranda Class medical frigate that was assigned to assist in the evacuation and care of the casualties of the penal colony. When the Northchandra was ready for trials, the then, Captain Jumper was given command of the ship.

There were only 2 more Northchandra class ships constructed: The U.S.S. Froehlich, NCC-8027. The U.S.S. Daulton, NCC-8031.

The three ships were used repeatedly together as a formidable assault force under the command of Commodore Kevin Jumper.
USS NorthchandraGlow

Northchandra Class Assault Frigate

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