USS Nightshade is a sim group set on the Khitomer-class USS Nightshade-A. On June 23th 2009 it had a crew compliment of 10 players. From 1999 to 2008 the Nightshade was part of the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets group.

Currently the USS Nightshade is an independent simulation ran by Captain Aramis Skylooker as commanding officer. Set in 2409 mission of this simulation includes the following :

  1. Exploration: Discovering new species in the Silverado Galaxy (98 millions lightyears from Earth).
  2. Diplomatic: Help people at war to sign up for peace.
  3. Escort: Move within this galaxy with other Federation ship lost in this galaxy toward a return to Earth.
  4. Scientific: Scan and analyse every part of space in order to find new things.
  5. Research And Development: Find new way to travel, new power source and ways to create resources for survival.

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