The USS Navajo (NCC-50001) was a Starfleet Cheyenne-class starship in active service during the mid 24th century. (USS Navajo)

On stardate 61805.55, the Navajo completed a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) refit , and began crewing for a new deployment cycle. Commander Kimiko MacBaird was assigned as commanding officer, with Lieutenant Commander Chance Morris as Executive Officer.

Almost immediately, Navajo departed Starbase 50 for the Triangle, an area of space bordered by the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, and United Federation of Planets.

During Navajo's first deployment to the Triangle, it encountered a subspace-dwelling life form which ate energy. It was determined that the creature had evolved in a stellar hatchery nebula, and been lured to its present position by forces unknown to act as a living minefield. Navajo succeeded in luring the creature into the vicinity of a brown dwarf, where it would not be a hazard to navigation. During this mission, Navajo's warp drive was damaged by her incompetent Chief Engineer, who was relieved of duty and Navajo returned to Starbase 50 to under go repairs, before being redeployed to the Triangle.

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