The USS Morgana (NCC-91022) was a Dakota-class cruiser constructed in 2407. Rachel Covaks joined the crew of the Morgana soon after she was commissioned and served as the ship's tactical officer. (Star Trek: Constance)

The Morgana incidentEdit

In late December of 2408, the Morgana was sent to the Romulan colony world of Tavin IV to mediate between the rebelling colonists and the Romulan government. Despite their role as neutral intermediaries Captain Marcos chose to supply the colonists with weapons to support their rebellion.

The Morgana's interference resulted in a massacre. Outraged at her superiors' role in the massacre Lieutenant Covaks led a successful mutiny against Captain Marcos and his first officer. Most of the senior staff were confined and later court martialed for their crimes, which had left Tavin IV in chaos.

Following the incident the Morgana put into spacedock where she underwent a refit and crew transfers to replace the senior staff that were arrested and as well as Covaks, who was transferred off the Morgana to the USS Constance.

Background informationEdit

  • Morgana is one of several names for the mythological figure Morgan le Fey, one of the traditional enemies of King Arthur.
  • The quote on the dedication plaque for the Morgana is from the General Hannibal, "We will either find a way, or we will make one."

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