The USS Midas (NCC-27078) was an Ambassador-class starship commissioned in 2335.

The ship served gallantly on the front lines for most of the Dominion War as part of the Second Allied Fleet. The Midas led a small recovery task force that held station away from the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Following the war, the Midas was decommissioned for an extensive refit. (Star Trek: Independence)

Command CrewEdit

Battle EngagementsEdit

  • Stardate: 50976.9, Battle of Torros III
    • Elements of Starfleet and KDF vs. Dominion Forces
    • Result: Victory
  • Stardate: 51206.3, Operation Return
    • Elements of the Second, Fifth, and Ninth Allied Fleets vs. Dominion Forces
    • Result: Victory
  • Stardate: 52925.9, Battle of Cardassia
    • Federation Alliance vs. Dominion
    • Result: Victory -- Final Battle of the Dominion War

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