The USS Messenger (NCC-74831) was an Intrepid-class Federation starship in service in the latter 24th century. (Star Trek: Between the Stars)

History Edit

The USS Messenger was one of the first ships to take flight out of the newly operational Mariposa Fleet Yards, which took on nearly-complete starships from other Federation shipyards in early 2372 (as well as beginning construction on new vessels). Command was given to Captain Daphne Ward and her maiden voyage was a simple trip to Starbase 54, her new home port. During the ship's first year of service, they were tasked with numerous studies of planets and spatial phenomena.

The breakout of the Dominion War changed everything. Suddenly the little science vessel was expected to be a spy; she was assigned to the 6th Fleet and carried out several dangerous scouting missions, bringing back vital intel for the Federation and their allies. Messenger also proved to be a capable fighter, the ship's maneuverability and the skill of her pilot enabling them to escape from most skirmishes with little damage.

Just a month before the war's end saw Messenger's luck reach its own. A short but heated battle took the life of Captain Ward, and several crewmembers -- including the XO and chief engineer -- were critically wounded. Extensive damage was sustained on the ship's starboard side and at the stern, leaving her in drydock for two months undergoing repairs.

In January of 2376, command of the restored Messenger was taken by Dominic DeLuca, a survivor of the First Battle of Chin'toka.

Senior Officers (2376) Edit


  • "Acceptable Losses"

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