The USS Majestic was a Templar-class starship under the command of James Obeska.


Obeska was given command of the USS Majestic in late August 2602, while it was still being built. It was sent to Vulcan when the mirror universe attacked with a fleet of ships, even though the Majestic was not finished yet. Later on it joined the First Fleet but was taken over by a spy on October 15, 2602.

Eventually, the spy was driven off the ship. The Majestic then joined the fleet at the Thorn to join in the Battle at Mirror Earth. During the battle Sarah Perlark was almost fatally hurt. Eventually, the battle was lost and the Majestic was one of the ships that retreated back to the Thorn.

Shortly after it reached Earth, the Majestic was ordered back to the fleet. But on the way to the rendezvous point, the Majestic detected a strange energy spike and altered course to investigate. When they reached the location of the spike, a planet, it was discovered that the planet's pre-warp inhabitants had been completely destroyed. A lone building, a mirror universe base, was discovered. Obeska, after exhausting all his options, collided the Majestic with the base, destroying the ship but not the base, which survived by a large force field erected around the base that had been previously undetected.

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