The USS Luna (NCC-80100) was the prototype of the Luna class, designed as a smaller, more economical counterpart to the famed Sovereign class. (Star Trek: Luna)


Construction of the Luna commenced after the end of the Dominion War at Starfleet Antares Shipyards, and continued until 2379, when she was launched for her shakedown cruise. However, the Luna suffered a warp core breach during the shakedown and was destroyed.

Afterwards, as a tribute to the sacrifice of the Luna's original crew, Starfleet Command renamed the next available Luna-class vessel the USS Luna. The first two Luna-class ships, USS Titan and USS Europa, were launched as planned. The third planned Luna-class ship was christened USS Luna. During construction she was outfitted with an experimental organic data network, a step up from the highly successful bio-neural data network, as well as a positronic computer core. The Luna was launched under the command of Captain Aaron Kennedy.


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"The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to"
— Carl Sandburg

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