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USS Lazerous was a role playing game (or "sim"), part of Shadow Dragon Fleet, based around the USS Lazerous. It took place Friday nights at 9pm, Eastern Standard Time.


THE YEAR IS 2409-- The galaxy is in chaos. The Borg have invaded and carved out core territory from key Klingon and Federation worlds. The Romulan Empire is in disarray. The Undine have infiltrated both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Based out of Tm'pok Nor (a starbase on the border of Klingon and the territory the Borg have conquered), the newly formed Shadow Dragon Fleet was set in place to protect the Federation, and to keep the peace in the sector.
The USS Lazerous, (a newly commissioned Insignia class starship) under the command of Rear Admiral Michael Darpino was assigned to the fleet to be a test bed for new technologies and to hopefully turn the tide in the war the UFP finds itself in. Lazerous's primary mission is to protect shadow dragon fleet as well as continue Starfleet's long standing directive to explore the galaxy. Are you bold enough to defy the enemies of the federation to the last ship?, the last man?, the last bullet? Aboard the USS Lazerous, you will engage the enemy, protect the UFP and her interests, and GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE!!

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