The USS Larned was a Leavenworth-class Federation starship in service during the 24th century.

The Larned was Jenna Carson's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2369. (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye")

During the Dominion War, she served as part of the 10th Wing of the Fifth Fleet. (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior") By 2376, Larned was commanded by Captain Olmstead. (USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream").

In November of 2376, Larned was sent to investigate a possible hostile ship. The 'bogey' retreated before Larned could intercept (USS Baldwin: "Drift Off To Dream"). One month later, on stardate 53646.850, Larned discovered a tachyon surge and investigated. The surge was a malfunction cloak from the Romulan warbird Ronax. The Ronax was lost with all hands before Larned could render assistance. An investigation revealed that the Ronax had been raided and left for dead by the Orion Syndicate (USS Baldwin: "Ronax")


The Larned is named for the city of Larned, Kansas. It is the first and (so far) only non-Canon ship design to be featured in USS Baldwin

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