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The USS Lagrange (NCC-3916) was a Ptolemy-class transport/tug active in the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual) Throughout much of its operational lifetime, Lagrange was assigned to the Starfleet First Fleet.

In the mid-2280s, Lagrange, USS Constellation II and USS Polaris were the mainstays of the First Fleet Carrier Group. (Starfleet Communiqué 19)

Lagrange was operating in Quadrant 0 as a free-flying command post in February 2288. (Star Trek: Avenger: "As Others See Us")

Assignment patchEdit

Prior to the 2270s Fleetwide adoption of the Enterprise delta shield as an insignia, the assignment patch for Lagrange was a representation of an orbital libration point, or Lagrange point as discovered by Joseph Louis Lagrange, within which the division symbols would be. (Starfleet Communiqué 8)

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