The USS Khitomer (NCC-75210) was a Sovereign-class starship that is active in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

The Attack on Vega ColonyEdit

In February of 2409, the Khitomer was part of a Federation fleet called out to the Vega colony to defend the colony from a Borg attack. She was heavily damaged during the battle, and was one of only a few ships that survived the initial Borg attack.

An away team from the USS Constance, consisting of Rachel Covaks, Ivark, and Kassadae along with two security officers transported onto the Khitomer, they learned from the EMH that the Borg had overtaken the bridge. They went on to assist Lieutenant Thelis in Auxilary Control, and would be instrumental in re-taking the ship from the Borg.

Following the Borg being driven out of the Vega system, the Khitomer put into spacedock to undergo repairs and re-assignments for the lost crew.

Known crewmembersEdit

  • Commander Davis (Human, Chief Engineer)
  • Lieutenant Thelis (Andorian)
  • Emergency Medical Hologram

Background informationEdit