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The USS Interpreter (NR-2401) was a Yevrin-class starship. (Star Trek: Interpreter)


The USS Interpreter was the first of its kind. Designed by Captain Jack Waters and Admiral Jean-Luc Picard in 2426, it launched with Captain Waters in his chair in the center of the bridge.

Captain Waters started designing the USS Interpreter while on the USS Titan. The ship was almost completely finished when Captain William T. Riker, CO of the Titan, sent the blueprints to Admiral Picard when Waters was sent back to Starfleet Command from the Titan (Waters had left them in his old quarters on his PADD while leaving in a rush).

The Interpreter's maximum speed was warp 9.995. It also had a prototype slipstream (or quantum drive). With prototype phasers as well as prototype warp torpedoes it was the most upgraded ship in the fleet.

The Interpreter's first mission was to take Ambassador Worf, ambassador of the Klingon Empire, to the Iglarin people in the Gamma Quadrant.

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