The USS Independence (NCC-77199) was an Interceptor-class ship that served in Starfleet. She was the fifth Starfleet ship to bear the name and part of the Allied 8th Fleet. (Star Trek: Independence)

Commissioned on Stardate 52789, The Independence was meant to see combat in the Dominion War. Only two months later, however, the war ended.

Ship mottoEdit

"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men to do Nothing"
— Edmund Burke

Command crew Edit

Mission history Edit

In December of 2375, she was ordered to capture a rogue Cardassian Galor-class vessel. The Indy found the vessel, but was out maneuvered by the Gul commanding the Galor. (Star Trek: Independence: "Dark Horses")

A month later, she was ordered to Cardassia Prime to help create a tachyon grid around the planet to detect cloaked ships. (Star Trek: Independence: "The Spoils")

A few weeks later, the Indy was sent to recover POW's from a Dominion prison camp. (Star Trek: Independence: "Retributions")

On stardate 53109, the Independence was in occupied Cardassian space and came under attack by insurgents with a Galor and Keldon-class. Captain Aurelia was able to force the enemy to flee.

Shortly after, the Indy participated in a covert attack in Ulirian space, along with the Agamemnon, Aegis, and Sutherland against the insurgents. The Ulirian's detected the Starfleet presence and attacked. The task force, however, was able to achieve their goal and return to Federation space. (Star Eagle Adventures: "The Times They Are A-Changin’")

In March, the ship was ordered to Starbase 17, so Aurelia could receive training and so Windslow could go to his court-martial. (Star Trek: Independence: "Crimes and Shadows")

Then in August, the Indy was sent to Alshain Proper in the event evacuation of Federation personnel became necessary. (Star Trek: Gibraltar "Prophets and Loss")

That same month, the vessel served as an escort for a scientific and mining operation. (Star Trek: Independence: "The Toltec")

In September, the Independence came to the aid of the Enterprise in Alshain space. (Dark Territory: "Fall Out")

Later that month, the ship was ordered to Cestus III to deploy orbital defenses. After they were done, the Indy traveled to New Sydney, then to Sauria and helped prevent the assassination of Norah Satie. (Star Trek: Independence: "Way of the Gun")

Then in October of 2376, the Independence suffered a warp core breach due to, what the official investigation deemed, "a catastrophic design flaw." (Star Trek: Independence "The Expropriation")

In her time in service, the USS Independence was in, at least, 6 combat engagements.

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