The USS Fusion was a Norway-class starship in 2383. The ship and crew had the unfortunate circumstance of barely being noticed by Starfleet Command. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Broken Pieces")


In 2383, the Fusion met with the Talarian warship Socom, commanded by a changeling. This changeling, Captain Daniel, claimed to be from the mirror universe. He soon boarded the Fusion and killed all its crew. A large group of Terrans and defected Klingons from the Socom immediately beamed over to the Fusion and replaced the dead crew. Hours later, the Fusion was cast into the mirror universe by an omnipotent being named Rein.

Now back to their original universe, the Klingons aboard the Fusion took it upon themselves to complete their original mission: capture and take the ISS Phoenix-X back to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Since the original ISS Phoenix-X was destroyed, the Klingons onboard changed the name of the USS Fusion to ISS Phoenix-X. The ship was re-taken by these Klingons and returned to their superiors.

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