The USS French (NCC-47211) was a Ticonderoga-class light cruiser in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. The French served on the front lines during the Dominion War and somehow survived the Battle of Chin'Toka in which countless allied vessels were destroyed. Nearly half of the French's crew is Vulcan. (Star Trek: Syracuse eBook series)

The Dominion War TaleEdit

The USS French was under the command of Captain T'Alan when she first engaged the Dominion who had called for war against the Federation, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Klingon Empire. During the French's plight against the first Jem'Hadar starship encountered, secretly named AX-01 by Starfleet Intelligence, the French had a difficult time destroying the enemy starship. She was heavily damaged by AX-01, but was greatly helped when a Klingon warship decloaked nearby and opened fire with a barrage of phaser cannons and torpedoes, which destroyed the starship.

The USS French and her sister ship, the USS Ticonderoga, were assigned to escort a squadron of fighters aboard a Galaxy-class starship to Beta IV, where a new shipyard had been constructed. However, several Cardassian warships dropped out of warp and surrounded the Ticonderoga and the French. Although outnumbered at the start of the battle, seventy-five fighters were launched from the USS Finale and effectively destroyed the enemy starships. However, the Ticonderoga took heavy damage and the French was badly scorched.

Crew ManifestEdit

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