The USS Firestorm (NCC-1797) was a Ranger class starship in the 23rd century, and the first starship to bear the name. She was commanded Commodore Nat Wallace, but was lost to a temporal anomaly and eventually appeared in the 25th century, and is now undergoing a retrofit. (Earth Spacedock)

History Edit

The Firestorm was constructed as a battlecruiser for rising hostilities with the Klingons and Romulans. She was eventually dispatched to investigate a temporal anomaly, and became trapped, eventually being sent to the 25th century. The vessel was recovered by deep space Starfleet ships, stolen by a changeling masquerading as Admiral Nat Wallace, held by the Alliance and eventually returned to Starfleet, being docked and retrofitted. (Earth Spacedock)

Starship Layout Edit

Bridge Edit


The main bridge is located on deck 1 (also known as A Deck), and has the same typical systems aboard other starship bridges, but has been arranged primarily for combat. While helm retains it's usual location, navigation is instead located at one of the outside consoles, with the helm station instead being paired with a dedicated tactical station. The surrounding area also has stations for environment, engineering, damage control, propulsion systems, weapon systems, defense/internal security, science, and communications. Unlike the bridge of typical Constitution class starships, the bridge faces directly forward, with the turbolift directly aft.

Auxiliary Control Edit

Like other starships of her era, the Firestorm has an Auxiliary Control Room, located on deck 7, near the security complex.

Other Facilities Edit

While most Starfleet vessels are built for exploration, the Firestorm was instead built for wartime operations. Recreational facilities and the like are fewer in number than normal, although still provide all the standards, as well as provisions for VIPs. The scientific facilities are also reduced in number, although the labs available are still fully capable. There is also less cargo space than similar non-warships, but still enough to hold supplies for maintaining the crew for a reasonable length of time.

Command Crew Edit

Appendices Edit

Ships commissioned Edit

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