The USS Firestorm (NCC-144017-K) was a Paladin class Temporal Battlecruiser in the 26th century, and the thirteenth starship to bear the name, and twelfth to bear her registry number (minus the letter). She was commanded Fleet Admiral Nat Wallace's possible great grandson in an alternate future, although has since been presumably left behind in the prime timeline's 25th century after events leading to preventing the respective alternate future from ever happening. As of then, she has been commanded by Captain Sarah Walker in 2410. (Earth Spacedock)

History Edit

The Firestorm was built sometime in an alternate future for unknown purposes, and eventually brought back to the 25th century by her captain at the time, being lost in the 25th century when the alternate future was prevented.

Technology Edit

The USS Firestorm is one of the most advanced Federation battlecruisers in existence of her time, and is armed with powerful weapons, as well as defensive systems. She is also armed with numerous temporal weapons, temporal shielding, and a temporal drive. (Earth Spacedock)

Auxiliary Craft Edit

Command Crew Edit

Appendices Edit

Ships commissioned Edit

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