The USS Essex (NCC-31419) was an Excelsior-class vessel that served in Starfleet as part of Gamma Force during the 24th century. She was part of Task Group 1-2 "The Cubs" and was commanded by Commander Starr Kirk. (Star Trek: Essex)

"Don't find fault, find remedy."
— Henry Ford


The Essex was sent on an exploration mission to the Gamma Quadrant. On its return it was dispatched to reinforce the Federation fleet with dealing with rising tensions between the Federation and the Kreon.

Essex personnelEdit

Emergency Medical Holographic program Mark I - Chief Medical Officer

Previous officersEdit

The USS Essex was an old ship. For that reason, she has seen her fair share of crew. One position that seems to be in particular abundance is the role of Commanding officer with ten officer's holding the position during the ship's service life. The following is a list of the previous COs and their fate:

  • Captain Andrew Udelly - killed in a conflict with the Romulans.
  • Captain Susan Hope - retired after several decades in the center seat.
  • Captain David Spoon - killed in action during the Dominion War.
  • Captain Lexa Kubal - a Risian captain, rose through the ranks of Starfleet to the command, only to decide she preferred being on her home planet Risa.
  • Captain Harry Shaw - retired from Starfleet after a long and decorated career.
  • Commander Pierre Lubance - killed in action
  • Lieutenant Commander James Peters - took command temporarily after the death of his predecessor.
  • Captain Reace - was promoted to the admiralty.
  • Captain Marie Barlow - died in an attack by unknown raiders.
  • Commander Nwaro Polak - transferred to Special Operations Department of Starfleet.

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