USS Essex was a Constitution-class, Bonhomme Richard-subclass starship active in Starfleet service in the second half of the 23rd century. (Star Trek Encyclopedia)

One source has the registry as NCC-1697; however, the Star Fleet Technical Manual had the Essex's registry as NCC-1727.

The Essex made first contact with the Sheliak and would later play a key role in establishing the Treaty of Armens between the Sheliak and the Federation. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

Commodore Istvan Kolsac was the commanding officer of the Essex in the mid-23rd century. (Star Trek: USS Alexander)

During the Kelvan War in 2285, Essex was assigned to Task Force Four and was one of the few survivors of the engagement against the Kelvans. Her personnel were rescued by ships from Task Force Six. (Orion Press: In Harm's Way)

Circa 2290, Essex was a training vessel, homeported at Starbase 1. (Ships of the Star Fleet)

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