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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was the flagship of the Federation Starfleet in the alternate reality caused by the Romulan known as Nero. It was first commanded by Christopher Pike, then for a short time by Spock, then finally by its current commander, James T. Kirk. (Star Trek, A Flight to Remember)


In 2259, the Enterprise embarked upon an unprecedented five-year mission of exploration. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

In 2263, the Enterprise was destroyed in orbit of Altamid by the warlord known only as Krall. (Star Trek Beyond)

In 2410, the Nibiru had maintained a red-bamboo built replica of the Enterprise from their encounter a few centuries prior. They unsubmerged it from the ocean by way of ritual, regularly, and accidentally tore a hole in space and time to the prime universe, looking for the Enterprise whom they considered their gods. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Nibiru")


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