The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-K) was a Galileo-class starship launched in 2587, and the twelfth ship to bear the name. (Star Trek: Broken Pieces)


The Enterprise was the second ship to be constructed of the class, but resources had to be pulled away from her construction in order to aid the war effort. With the Treaty of Regulus in 2582, the Federation was able to return to the process of completing Starfleet's new flagship. After slow progress, construction was finally finished in 2587, and the crew was mostly transferred, save for the captain and first officer, who had yet to be chosen.

Captain Alice CovaksEdit

The decision was finally made to make Alice Covaks, the last of the great captains and a retired veteran of the Civil War the Captain of the Enterprise. Despite her initial objections, Captain Covaks agreed to come out of retirement to take command of the Enterprise.


  • Captain Alice Covaks (Commanding Officer)
  • Lt. Commander Typhoon Cobra (Tactical Officer/Chief of Security)