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For the Constitution-class heavy cruiser using the registry-number paradigm of Greg Jein, see USS Eagle (NCC-956).

The USS Eagle (NCC-1719) was of the Bonhomme Richard-subclass. It was commissioned in March 2258 and refit to the Endeavor-subclass configuration in 2272.

Eagle's commanding officer in 2285 was Captain Eugene Craig. (Starfleet International: Starfleet Communiqué, May 1985)

In the late 2280s, Eagle encountered a !Z'thaan Alliance battleship that had strayed into Federation space. (Star Trek: Avenger: Character File: John Abbott, Jr.)

In one Possible Timeline the USS Eagle (NCC-1719) Was Originally the Leonidas class USS Eagle (NCC-956) Refitted into Bonhomme Richard subclass Specifications in 2247. Starfleet Chose to keep the Registry NCC-956 on the Ships Hull.

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