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The USS Dragon (NCC-27749-A) was a Federation Dragon-class starship that saw service during the 24th century. Originally slated to be the USS Sentinel the ship was renamed after the previous USS Dragon was destroyed by Dominion forces. (Star Trek: Dragon)

The Dragon was launched in 2377 and soon after its launch it was transported to the distant Kalium Galaxy by a subspace disturbance, arriving there in 2374. The Dragon remained in the Kalium Galaxy for several years exploring the new territory.

In 2376, the Dragon encountered the Vendoth. During the encounter the Dragon helped free a planet from Vendoth occupation. The result of the Dragon's actions saw the Vendoth launch an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant to right the wrong committed against them by the Dragon by conquering Earth. (Star Trek: Unity: "Freedom's Price")

In 2378, the Dragon returned to the Milky Way, only a few months after it went "missing". (Star Trek: Unity: "Trials of Command")

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