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The USS Discovery was a Federation Starfleet vessel launched in 2431 and one of the prototypes for the Fearless class. (Star Trek: Discovery)


The USS Discovery was launched from Utopia Planetia shipyards on Mars shortly after its construction was completed. Constructed along with her sister ships and the other classes for exploration, the Discovery was placed under command of Captain Sarah Anderson of Venus.

The first year in service was one of the most eventfull to date, having made first contact with several species, the crew of the Discovery was also the first to encounter the Tholians in decades.


Following the encounter with the Tholians, the Discovery returned to Federation space in order to undergo repairs and crew replacements for those that had been lost during the battle with the Tholians. When it was revealed that the Tholians had seized the Trinlon system and started to move into it, the Discovery was sent to the system in order to investigate it.

At some point during its voyage, the Discovery became the first vessel to break through the Tholian borders and reached the Tholia system where a Dyson Sphere was. (Star Trek: Freedom)


Commanding Officer
  • Captain Sarah Anderson (Human Female)
First Officer
  • Commander Delar (Changeling Female)
Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Sami Birella (Jisati Female)
Chief Engineer/Second Officer
  • Lt. Commander Caspero (Xindi-Primate Male)
Chief of Security
  • Lieutenant Talish (Tholian)
Chief Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Erin Corsava (Human Female)
Chief Science Officer
  • Nera
  • Tashisuko (Unknown Female)


  • The dedication plaque for the USS Discovery (and possibly the NX-04 Discovery) is from George Orwell, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
    Discovery Plaque

    The dedication plaque for the USS Discovery.

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